Quelqu’un a-t-il jamais dit la vérité ?

« Ce sont des menteurs, des vantards, des truqueurs, des tricheurs tous ceux qui prétendent avoir cherché et prêché la vérité.

D’accord, vous voulez découvrir par vous-même ce qu’est la vérité. Pouvez-vous la découvrir ? La capturer, la conserver et dire : « Voici la vérité ? « Que vous l’acceptiez ou la rejetiez, il en va de même : elle dépend de vos préjugés et de vos prédilections personnelles. Vous supposez qu’il existe une vérité, une réalité (ultime ou non) – et c’est cette supposition même qui crée en vous le problème…et la souffrance.

Y a-t-il une vérité ? Vous êtes-vous jamais posé cette question à vous-même ? Quelqu’ un a-t-il jamais dit la vérité ? »



Un commentaire sur “Quelqu’un a-t-il jamais dit la vérité ?

  1. . « The scientific world today is as muddle-headed and lost as the religious world was yesterday. We are fools to put our faith and confidence in the scientists. We imagine that these guys have a special insight into the meaning and mystery of life. What is the point in bombarding us and trying to dazzle us with all this new scientific jargon? The human organism has survived for centuries without the help of all these so-called new, revolutionary theories and self-proclaimed breakthroughs. All these theories which the scientists call « new » are not at all new. This new dimension which they claim they are now beginning to read in nature has always existed. So what have they actually achieved? They may get a pat on their backs from the Nobel Academy. Their wonderful, revolutionary theories will be used by the technocrats to enrich technology and themselves. A small percentage of the global population will enjoy the benefits of this technology, but let me assure you that ultimately this technological know-how will be used by man to dominate his neighbor.

    « Even the pharmacists, in fact the entire medical world, thrives on your paranoia. And the media, for its own survival, helps them to propagate this paranoia. Just because you give a fancy name to a disease does not mean that you have found a cure for it. You are only adding more and more to the pool of knowledge. Today we have more words in our arsenal than Shakespeare had in his time. But that does not mean that things are any the better, does it? Say what you wish, we will never know what life is. »



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